Educational Workshops

All workshops start at 6pm.  To RSVP for any of our workshops, please call (847) 551-5065 or email  None of these workshops should be deemed to constitute legal, tax or other advice; please consult appropriate professionals.  None of these workshops are approved by the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service or any other federal or state governmental agency.  

The following are a list of our scheduled workshops for 2020:

Day Date Location
Tuesday March 10th Barrington
Thursday March 12th Barrington
Tuesday March 31st Barrington
Thursday April 2nd Barrington
Tuesday April 14th Barrington
Thursday April 16th Barrington
Tuesday April 28th Barrington
Thursday April 30th Barrington
Tuesday May 12th Barrington
Thursday May 14th Barrington
Tuesday May 18th Barrington
Thursday May 20th Barrington
Tuesday June 2nd Barrington
Thursday June 4th Barrington
Tuesday June 23rd Barrington
Thursday June 25th Barrington