Catherine Casolino

Catherine Casolino

Operations Manager

Catherine is committed to maintaining the highest standard of integrity and professionalism as the Operations Manager at SIS Financial Group.  A priority of hers is to provide superb customer service, superior client experiences and assist in providing a warm and welcoming environment when someone comes into the office or to an event.

Catherine enjoys her days at the office working on the day and evening workshops throughout each month, networking in the community and developing new, fun, and exciting client events.  What Catherine loves most about SIS Financial Group is the honesty, honor, and integrity the company is based on.  Catherine loves working with a company where everyone shares the same moral compass, utilizes each other for guidance/support and shares hearty laughter.

Catherine lives in Glen Ellyn with her husband Andy.  Andy and Catherine have three grown daughters, and love to visit the east coast where most of their family reside.

Catherine takes pride in her family and her work.  She likes to say, you are never too old to learn, always do your best, and have fun!

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